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SYNLAB in Sweden

Swedish SYNLAB AB is part of SYNLAB - one of Europe's leading laboratory companies, with highly qualified laboratories in England, Holland and Norway and with sales offices in major parts of Europe.

SYNLAB's Mission

We strive to become the market leader in environmental and food analysis that protect public health. Through advanced analytics and processes, combined with the best people, we set a new mark of service to our industry. Thereby, we want to reward Mikael Kemi, VD SYNLAB ABthose who invest money, time and confidence in our company.

SYNLAB's Vision

Our vision is to set a new standard in laboratory industry regarding professionalism, commitment to service and customer care. We will transform markets through our approach and expand in Europe.

This means that:

  • It should be easy, as a customer, to do business with us.
  • Our clients get results they can trust, in due time.
  • We are a responsible, accredited laboratory. 
  • We focus on continuous improvement.
  • We deliver a standardized market-driven offer.
  • We have a flexible organization that adapts quickly to changing demands in our surroundings.

We are a service company that will help to improve our environment and to secure our health. By effectively communicating analysis results, we provide you as a customer with the foundation needed to help you develop and improve within your core areas as well as the environment. With our food analysis, we strengthen your position to safely deliver your products with an assurance of quality and consumer health. Through our consultants and samplers, you can also get help to take samples and get access to advanced expertise in our core areas.

With us as your partner, you should be able to sleep well at night and be able to focus on developing your business.


Johan Bengtsson
Managing Director, SYNLAB AB